Was the Listing Agent unethical or am I overreacting . . . .

So here is the scoop . . . .
Showed property that was listed for short sale.
Put in cash offer for my buyers for listed price and attached my buyers earnest deposit and bank statement showing the amount of money to cove purchase.
Listing agent contacted me via email and said “I just met with my sellers and they signed your offer”
Listing agent asked for my client to fill out a financial statement, asking a lot of personal financial information, (even though she has a document showing enough funds for purchase.
After refusal, she insisted this was “standard”.   (First I have heard of this) (Sounded kinda sketchy . . . )

She then gave up this argument.
Listing agent began asking me for Preliminary HUD 1 and to sign affidavits for the short sale bank.
Still no contract back with seller’s signature.
Listing agent attempted three times for me to use her title company.  We said no on all three occasions and she was not happy with that.
Still no contract back with seller’s signature.

Listing agent is asking for more documentation
Still no contract back with seller’s signature so I told her after we receive a signed contract, I will send additional docs.
Listing agent sent email to me stating that since she did not receive our documentation her seller went with another offer.
Do you see something fishy with any of this or am I overreacting?  Does this seem like there is something wrong with this picture.  When I looked up the agent, she has been an agent for some time and it is scaring me that there are agents that are unethical and are still practicing real estate, but maybe I am misreading this . . . . Just plain fishy

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