The Top Three Things I Want My Website To Do . . . .

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Here is my List of just a few things I want from my website.
This year, I am making drastic changes in my web presence.  There are a list of things I will be looking for in a new website/web page/blog spot.  So I am going to give you the top three that I will be looking for.
I am looking for an easier to the eyes website.  When someone clicks on my website, I don’t want it to look confusing or cluttered.  I want it to be user friendly and professional looking, clean. If there are too many colors, flashing banners, pages, then it could intimidate the non-computer user or the person who thinks your website belongs on the Vegas Strip with all the bells and whistles, attempting to look up properties.  Which leads to my next wish . . .
When someone arrives at my website, a box come up that says, not familiar with this site, need help navigating.  If they click yes, then it will ask a few questions to lead to what they are attempting to do and then bring up the boxes that they are looking for and could not find, only after it asks for name, email, phone number.  If all else fails, it will have a question, would you like the agent to contact you by phone or email.  There are a lot of people that may look up your website because of an advertisement, but once they are there, not sure what to do so they click out.  People don’t like to call the agent, if they can get the information they are looking for on the internet. Which leads to my next wish . . . .
Maybe the website should be just a Blog so we can get more leads with great SEO.  Well, it is the truth that our website has to work for us. That is the purpose of it.  If it is not bringing in enough leads, then why keep it, change it.  I want there to be leads that work the come from my website, if not, then it is not worth putting in the effort and money into it.

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