Reasonable Amount of Time to Present Your Offer? . . .

There seems to be a difference of opinion regarding the amount of time you have to present an offer to your seller.  Here is the scenario . . . On morning of October 7, 2016 called listing agent and asked if any offers for a particular property.  Seller said yes, offer deadline is Saturday October 8, 2016 @12 noon. 1.  Offer sent in October 7, 2016 @11pm to listing agent.2.  Listing Agent confirmed receipt on October 8, 2016 @6am3.  On October 9, 2016 no word yet.4. October 10, 2016 - my buyers run into sellers (who they just happen to know very well) and asked if they received thier offer and the sellers said "no".  Buyers contacted me and asked me to check status of offer.  5.  Sent email to listing agent and he said offers are to be reviewed on Monday evening.  I am thinking, you told me by Saturday and now it is Monday.  6.  How is it the sellers received some offers but not our offer?7.  Today is October 12, 2016 and still no word on offers or whether or not the sellers saw our offer. No communication from listing agent yet.  It is now 12:00pm.  We still don't know if our offer was presented. Is this reasonable? Would love other agents take on this.  Seems some agents present offers as they come in like I do, but some take a different approach.

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