Wow, I use so many apps on my phone and Ipad, I am not sure which one I use most

  1. I use a "Reminders" Ap that sends me a copy to my email. Love this app. Use it daily.
  2. I use a "Notes" app when going through home showings with my buyer so I don't forget anything at each property.
  3. I use "brightest flashlight" on my mobile phone to see lockboxes when I am showing in the dark (in the Fall and Winter when it gets dark before anyone gets off of work and they want to look at homes after work).
  4. I use my "RealCalc" when I am running some numbers for my buyers which comes in handy.
  5. I use my "hotspot" all of the time on my mobile phone and IPad. Internet comes in handy when you are out with clients and need to look up a property real quick.

Well I could go on and on but really, I use all of these just as equally and many more so I can't pick out just one. But if I had to it will probably be the "brightest flashlight" because that is such a great safety app and useful when looking in small dark closets and rooms that the lights are not working.

I love the technology that is provided to us and it has made a Realtor's life a lot easier. There are just so many apps that I have incorporated into my business and have wondered how I did without them.
Great Contest. See below for details on the contest in the post below or just check out other posts for great ideas on what apps are available.

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